Background investigations conducted by Fifer Investigations, LLC are designed to provide the client the most up-to-date and thorough information on which to base a hiring decision. Liability issues and negative publicity arising from flawed decisions by employees can be extreme. Expenses in training new hires can be very high, making re-hiring decisions very costly.

Recognizing the importance of hiring the best candidates, Fifer Investigations, LLC provides 

thorough and in-depth investigations, tailored to the client, in the most expedient manner. 


Police Officer - Firefighter - Deputy Sheriff

Executive - CEO - Investigator

Our most thorough and most popular investigation package, the Level 1 investigation takes 85 to 100+ hours to complete. 


Dispatcher - Corrections - Parking Officer


The Level 2 investigation takes 50 to 66+ hours to complete.


Municipal - Civilian

The Level 3 investigation takes 36 - 46+ hours to complete.


Entry Level

The Level 4 Investigation takes 10 to 17+ hours to complete.

While the titles listed for each level of investigation are our suggestions, our clients choose which investigation packages are best for their unique needs and hiring processes.

Please see the "Side-By-Side Comparison" page for detailed descriptions of what each investigation package includes.


All investigations are tailored to our clients' needs.

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